Where we came from

Although its name has changed the BIAFD has represented the interests of British fastener distributors for nearly seventy years. Formed originally in the early 1940s, as a national association of bolt and nut stockists, its early aims were to balance the post-war domination of British fastener manufacturers.

As the landscape of British fastener manufacturing and distribution evolved, at some points radically, the Association adapted and developed its role. Renamed for several years the National Association of Fastener Stockists, we became the British Association of Fastener Distributors in the late 1990s.

Ten years ago we carefully reviewed our role and restructured our activities to bring our membership relevant and timely information and support in a fast changing global fastener market.

In July 2009 the Association became a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. In 2014, at the request of several major fastener distributors in Ireland, the Association extended its membership and became the British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors.

Our membership

BIAFD encompasses a wide and varied membership, ranging from the largest fastener wholesalers and importers in the UK through to smaller family-owned local businesses.

Our members serve virtually every kind of fastener consumption in the automotive, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, construction and building sectors - whether in a small local area or throughout the world.

Today BIAFD actively works to ensure its membership is Better Informed and to ensure market stakeholders and governmental organisations understand the key role UK fastener distributors play in supporting a huge range of important industries.

What we do now

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