Stainless Steel Fasteners Group

The BIAFD has a special group - formerly the independent association ASFAD - to represent the interests of and provide a forum for distributors specialising in or having a significant trade in stainless steel fasteners.

The group, which includes the leading UK distributors in stainless steel and other non-ferrous fasteners, meets as required to review crucial factors affecting its products such as fluctuations and trends in the supply and demand of nickel. Nickel represents up to 65% of the material value in stainless steel fasteners. Assessing its influence, alongside trends in steel, chromium and molybdenum, is a very significant determinant in ensuring best availability of products.

The Stainless Steel Fastener Group generally meets alongside a BIAFD general meeting or when there are specific issues requiring discussion. It reports regularly to the Executive and General Membership of BIAFD and provides an important reservoir of technical and market knowledge to the Association and its UK market.

Contact is maintained with the European Commission and other bodies in relation to matters such as existing and proposed Trade Defence measures affecting the product. The Group supports the promotion of Stainless Steel Fasteners through the provision of information to assist customers and users.

The majority of stainless steel fasteners used are classified in the A2 (304) or A4 (316) grades, although other grades are used for special applications.

Relevant information on corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners is available in the international standard ISO 3506 which covers chemical compositions, mechanical properties, and relevant markings including manufacturers mark, grade and property class.

Members of the BIAFD Stainless Steel Fastener Group may be located and contacted through the Search Members section of this website.

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